Sniper Shot: Bullet Time

As a first-person sniper shooter, Sniper Shot: Bullet Time is an excellent game in which you must destroy a series of targets before they eliminate you. Be prepared to approach a stage with platforms on various levels and begin searching as soon as the soldiers discover you; otherwise, they will try to attack you. This free online game makes you think about how you will stay alive, which will teach you how to be a good sniper.

When you shoot at your opponents, you will be able to view a beautiful slow-motion effect in the manner of The Matrix or Kill Bill, of how the bullet penetrates your enemy's body. Because there will be many adversaries on each level, you must think fast and aim properly. Enjoy Sniper Shot: Bullet Time and have fun!


- WASD or arrow keys = move

- Right-click = aim

- Left-click = shoot

- Scroll = zoom in / out

- Space = jump


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