It is possible to have some nostalgic fun with Zrist! Embark on an exhilarating vintage platforming adventure through the ages with this game! The fact that you are a little square block does not diminish the reality that you have a long and difficult trip ahead of you. Continue to be on the lookout for obstacles in your path and push yourself to the limits of your ability.

A guy on an endless platform that rushes beneath you at breakneck speed is controlled by you in this addictive and retro-looking game. Just to make the game more engrossing and amusing, this is done to increase the difficulty. It doesn't matter if you're flying as a little block or a large one; you'll face a variety of challenges along the road. If you are cautious, it is possible to sneak under some of the larger stacks of bricks that have little space beneath them. Blocks in your way are replaced by smaller, more manageable ones that you can jump over. Unless you become overly concerned and make a careless move before the white blocks show on the screen, everything will be OK. Once again, you might be able to make the right decision. However, you will be forced to resume your trip in the case of the red bricks. Seven rules are inserted at random into this engaging game. After applying the fog rule, you will see that there is fog to the right of the screen at some points. It is possible to go forward while remaining unaware of the obstruction because of the invisible rule. The following are some of the additional restrictions: leaping in the air to change gravity, a second jump, lag, speed up, and memory to name a few. Learn all of the additional rules and restrictions so that you can play the game properly.


How To Play Zrist


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