Yarn Untangled

Yarn Untangled allows you to win the cuteest creatures completely free. A kitten, even a tiny one, can be the best of all household pets. It is not easy to take care of a kitten. Can you handle the job of saving our canine friend?

You will have to solve the puzzles that our tiny hero is facing. It is a very large, clumsy cat. The toy yarn that it has seems to have gotten into its eyes is a mess. The twisted yarn is now your responsibility. You just need to unravel the yarn and move through the stages. Untangle the yarn requires you to go through 99 stages. To do this, you can select a ball to move along the ropes. You have the option to experiment with yarn for as many hours as you wish at the end of the game. Let's see if you are up for the challenge of this fun yet challenging quest.

This puzzle-like set of chores is sure to please! Click here to find other puzzle games.


How To Play Yarn Untangled


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