Uphill Rush 9

Uphill Rush 9 is a thrilling adventure that will have you riding your horse. The Wild West is a lure that cannot be ignored and it's hard to resist this amazing adventure. You need to be prepared and strong because there are many miles ahead.

Here's your chance to live your rural dreams in the Wild West! But not all things in this world are perfect. You will find twenty sites in this fascinating hamlet. You will face challenges of various difficulty in all these places. Despite this, you're not the only one going through these difficulties. Your horse is your best friend and companion on the ride. You will be able to navigate the roads more easily with wind speed. To advance to the next level, you must collect as many coins as possible along each road. When you reach the twenty level mark, your adventure is complete. You will be amazed at your abilities to be a wild Westerner, and you will overcome all obstacles to reach your destination.


How To Play Uphill Rush 9


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