Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat is a board game with ticking boxes and a cat within. To win, you must lock it up and not let it out. To win this game, you must use your agility and strategy. What you must do is capture the cat. Don't let the cat out!

The game is fairly simple. Catching the cat requires darkening its spots by clicking on them. When you click on the panel, the cat will travel in some way, and you must prevent it from escaping. Have fun and good luck!


- Many new gamers are concerned about this game. In case you still have questions, this how-to guide for this game might help.

- Create a barrier by clicking the circles. Capturing the cat might be challenging. The cat will always find a way to get through if you build too near to it, thus it's better to start farther away.

- Once you've solved the puzzle and constructed a large, closed perimeter, you need to fill it with circles until the cat has nowhere else to hop. You've circled the cat at this point, and the game restarts.

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