Train will take you on an exciting new journey. Choof, choof, choof! You can also play the role a conductor on a brand new puzzle game. Now you will have to make your way through an old-fashioned game of puzzles while keeping track on the train's movements. Are you able to handle all the tasks simultaneously?

There are a variety of levels to choose from. Each level contains a different type or maze. These mazes provide miniature representations for various neighborhoods. This means that you will often see people waiting for trains to arrive. It is your responsibility pass all people and travel through all streets necessary to pick them all up. Choose the direction you would like to travel when presented with the choice at each intersection point. Once everyone in your community has boarded your train, it's time to move on to the next step. Each successful attempt will result in a monetary bonus. You may use this money to buy new trains. This is a very relaxing and fun game. There are many levels. But, one word of warning would be helpful. With every person added, the train becomes longer. Take care to not cause an accident by planning your moves!


How To Play Train


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