Totemia Cursed Marbles

Break the curse! You can ascend to the rank of king among totems of Totemia. Marbles are cursed It is a well-known belief that this tribe has. The curse known as the "Burning Curse" is out and will bring to an end all of the rulers. It is your responsibility to destroy this totem in order to save the kingdom. Are you up to this challenging mission?

Matching marbles in the same color is the key goal of this game. This task will require you to remove all the magical and dangerous marbles from the spiral. You must break the curse. To do this, you must remove all the marbles and stop them from reaching its end. The forehead of the magical ttem will show you the color that the next marble will be. You can place the marble beside other marbles with the same color. You will remove a grouping of marbles from the queue and eliminate the dooming force behind them. Let's turn the tables and stop them reaching the center.


How To Play Totemia Cursed Marbles


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