Swipe Runner

Swipe Runner's time has come to help you choose the best vehicle to take on your journey. There are many obstacles on the platform, and you have to get there faster than your opponent. Look at the best vehicles available to you so that you can reach the finish line in a time-efficient manner.

The game involves you walking down a long path that is full of obstacles. There will be hills to climb as well as ups or downs. You have to finish the course first, no matter how difficult it is or how hard you try. It is important that you carefully select the right vehicle for each section. Use your mouse to move the options for vehicles from left to right depending on your preference. If you want to move the vehicle currently displayed to your right, you can drag to it to the center. Depending on how steep the ramps are or any other particulars, you can choose between either the tall pokeysticks, the bike or your car. Just be faster that your opponent to earn all points


How To Play Swipe Runner


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