Swing Blocks

Attempt to maintain equilibrium in Swing Blocks! Make a concentrated effort to land the blocks on the platform as you complete your mission. A significant lot of concentration is required for this amusing-looking pastime. In this engrossing game, will you be able to complete all of the stages without getting stuck?

The objective of this game is to complete a difficult assignment that you must do successfully. This game allows you to pick between two different forms of things. You will be given the choice of choosing either a square or a circle to hang from the rope you have provided. 30 levels must be completed for each of the selections. The primary objective here is to get the things that are hanging to the ground to fall. Part of the challenge is that the objects must be securely landed on the platform in order for them to remain there. The countdown will begin when you place the things on the platform to see if the object can remain there for a specified period of time. You are in excellent shape if the thing does not fall off the pedestal. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you will be faced with additional problems such as various items to navigate around. It may be necessary to wait for the dangling rope to slow down before landing softly in such situations. Attempt to progress through the stages as you prepare for a peaceful yet hard game experience!


How To Play Swing Blocks


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