Stick War: New Age

You are invited to explore an exciting adventure world through the stick fighting game. Are you ready to take the plunge Stick War: New Age? Click here to enter the world of stickman stickfighting. Take care your Stickman character. Your opponents will be waiting for you to fight in the Stick fight. You can also defeat your opponents and overcome any obstacles with the Armed Stickman. Are you ready to be a stick fighter! You have many challenges in this game. Moving rocks, rotating blades wheels, and swinging barbed ball. There will be obstacles in each chapter that you must conquer. Step by step, you will reach victory. You will enjoy the most thrilling stickman stick fighting adventure game. The game is portable and can be played wherever you like. Stickfight is a game you can play with your friends at school, at home, or with your family. There are hours of excitement and fun waiting for you. Hihoy Games wants you to have a good time.


How To Play Stick War: New Age


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