Stick Duel: Revenge

Stick Duel: Revenge promises a vengeance-filled episode! A succession of amazing agreements has taken place between the two legendary stickmen. The battle is well known, but this adventure has been expanded to include an ongoing grudge. This battle is over. Can you win?

This game concerns glowing stickmen who struggle for their existence in the desert. These stickmen are stuck in a midst of a shielded globe made of air. It is your job to guide these slow-moving stickmen as they fight. Your goal is to eliminate your opponent by jumping, throwing weapons, and collecting weapons that fall from high above. Each team gets five chances to win this game. Continue winning matches until your opponent is defeated. It doesn't matter if you are competing against the computer, or playing against another player using the same keyboard; you can immediately determine who is the best stickman rival right now.


How To Play Stick Duel: Revenge


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