Sky Stick

Now it's your turn to show them how! Stick Fight lovers around the world will be able to team up with you and your colleagues. Jump, run and fight with the Stick figure in your hands. The 4-stick fight is a free-for all where you can take on your friends. You will determine the top four after nine matches. You will now have access to a variety of amusing weaponry and more than 100 levels.

Stick Fight is a stick-fighting app for the mobile platform. It is available free of charge. Stick Fight is a funny online/couch fighting game. In it, you will battle against other players to become the famous Stick figures from the golden age of the internet. You may even be able to see the Stick figure cartoons again in these exciting free-for all duels! There are over 100 funny maps and hundreds of hilarious weaponry such as bombs that can blow you up or guns that fire snakes.


How To Play Sky Stick


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