Shadow Ninja Revenge

Shadow Ninja Revenge demands that you act on your instincts to vengeance. Being legendary is not a good thing. You are Shadow Ninja, which means that you have many enemies. This is why the most dangerous enemy of yours has escaped from prison, and taken your child. It is now that you can put an end to this adversary and track down your son.

This adventure game is both exciting and challenging. You take on the role as the legendary ninja. You are the only shadow Ninja on the planet. Your mission it to rescue your son. It will not be easy to track down your son because of all the obstacles that your adversaries put in your way. Now use your special abilities as you navigate your way through this platform. You have the ability either to sprint at breakneck speeds through your enemies or jump extremely high. You can also use shurikenjutsu to take out all your foes! Check out all levels to see if it is possible to save your son's existence and emerge victorious!



How To Play Shadow Ninja Revenge


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