Roller Ski Queen

Roller Ski Queen is your chance to take on the role a king! Your dreams are now possible. You are now ready to show the world your skill as a skier. Only you can win the races to prove that you are the best skier in the world, and then you will be crowned queen of ice. Are you ready to face this challenge!

You are a graceful, naive, and fun-loving skier. Everyone compliments and admires your grace. You want everyone to see the talent and accomplishments within you. You are now ready to leap on the ice and glide gracefully across an ice platform. Avoid all obstacles and collect all coins. They will slow you down and cause you to lose the level. After you have earned enough coins, new skins can be unlocked that will improve your look on the ice. To glide, click the left mouse key, and to move the character, click the right mouse key. Let's find out if you can reach the top of this leaderboard!


How To Play Roller Ski Queen


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