Red Impostor vs Crewmate

Our cute little robots are back on the job. Red Impostor vs Crewmate are a simple game that allows players to participate in an exciting voyage aboard a spacecraft, while also eliminating any remaining crew members. It is your responsibility find the spacecraft's swords. You should not be afraid to use them if you do come across them. Remember that this is a top secret mission. No one will be able track you down. Once you have killed everyone, your level is over. It's easy to grasp. There should never be a death penalty. Are you ready for the challenge of the world? It's possible that you are certain to complete each level.

Move around the ship using your mouse. Kill other crew members and steal various items. Once you have killed all of the crewmembers without being recognized, your level is complete. Be aware of your crewmate because they might suspect that you may be The Imposter.


How To Play Red Impostor vs Crewmate


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