Pixel Crash 3D

Pixel Crash 3D lets you unleash your wild side! Pixels can be found all over the place, so you're encouraged to explore this world full of digital squares. Here you can find the life of a bandit as well as the vibrant colours of the city. Is this a challenge you are up to?

This game features pixel-graphics-based driving and can be played in any way you like. Select a vehicle to begin. You can change the color and add more features to your car. You will need to make more money to unlock more cars and improve your skills. Then, you can choose between three different game modes: city mode, destruction mode and racing mode. You must be faster than your opponents to win the race in the first mode. This phase requires you to be cautious and avoid damaging your vehicle. Playing in demolition mode will give you bonus points for colliding and destroying other vehicles. You can also drive freely in the city mode. Let's find out if we're all made of the exact same stuff and see if we can appreciate the cartoonish-looking bandit automobile!

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How To Play Pixel Crash 3D


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