Ninja Legend

Get ready to be a Ninja Legend by getting into your best gear. You have been granted access into the sinister and mysterious continent of stickmen. Everything is yours to control. Your country is now under attack by the enemy! Is it possible that you fight alone to defend your city?

Because you are the commander for the entire city, your arsenal is vast. It is up to you to use these weapons in the best way possible to win the fight and protect the city. You can't let the gloomy graphics of this shooting game scare you. Instead, keep your eyes on the other stickmen and fire at them as you move through the levels. Your weaponry can cause you to change your aim by sliding down and then left or right. If your enemy has his sights on you, make sure you have a shield to protect yourself. You have two options to choose from: automated attack mode or manual attack mode. You must keep your energy levels and health in check. Then, you can remove your adversaries and start moving on to the next chapter with more abilities. Let's find out whether you have the ability to be a legend.

This action-packed shooting game was a great experience! Check out our other stickman gaming options for more fun experiences.


How To Play Ninja Legend


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