Merge Dreams

Merge Dreams allows you to live in a dreamy place. You suddenly found yourself in a dream world. All the while, you were managing your own affairs and tending to your garden. There will be many ups and downs. Are you ready and willing to take charge of the story and tell it yourself?

This intricate puzzle game will require you to more than just combine pieces in order to move on. You might be familiar with this compelling storyline from a book or movie. Alice and her companions can be your guide on this amazing journey through the land where dreams are real. As you progress through each level, the puzzles will help guide you from one location to the next. You will need items that can be combined to make the most powerful item possible for each level. This is how you solve the puzzles. There are many exciting plotlines and magical things you will find, including the potion that shrinks. Check out the ending of this story to see where the levels take you!


How To Play Merge Dreams


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