Jungle Run OZ

Jungle Run OZ belongs to you. It is accurate to say that you are a grumpy person if your temper is bad. It is natural to feel anger at a youngster who has stolen the potion. Do you think it is time to flee to save your life?

This mischievous teenager decided to play a practical joke against you, and he ended with your potion. Although it might seem funny, you are actually in dire need of the potion. And this boy is very fast. The stone bridges that cross the enchanted forest will force you to flee. Be careful with the numerous booby-traps. You will fail the level if you come in direct contact with a trap. Avoid them by jumping over or avoiding them. Make sure that you collect every green drop that the young man scatters. You will receive more points the more potion is returned to you. You can unlock more zombies and you can also use mutations. Find out how far you can support the boy and how full your potion will be because of your efforts.

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How To Play Jungle Run OZ


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