Idle Startup Tycoon

The goal of this idle simulation game is to assist you in the development of your new firm and your ascent to the status of high-tech billionaire tycoon. A number of start-ups, including an on-demand food delivery app, a mobile game company, a ridesharing app, a livestreaming app, an Internet of Things (IoT) venture, an information security venture, drones, artificial intelligence (AI), and, of course, a suborbital space tourism venture, have been developed and launched by the company. A stylish coworking space is the ideal setting in which to put your company ideas into action! Make a duplicate of the document and upload it to one of the cloud-based storage providers. After that, give it to the Sales Managers so that they may profit from your efforts. In a number of strategically positioned areas, you may make enhancements to the efficiency of your cash collecting operations. Are you having trouble clicking? Employ intelligent, well-dressed management to help you automate your tasks. You may be able to generate income from your numerous start-up businesses while you sleep. You may profit from your start-ups by finding investors who will put money into them and then take their money back. Did we mention that he's a multi-billionaire in the information technology industry? As a matter of fact, we're talking about trillionaires here, since this is a legitimate game.


How To Play Idle Startup Tycoon


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