HideNSeek3D - A classic game that you can play together for hours. Do you long to be with your old friends? Even though you may not be the best detective when it is time to hide and seek, this game will allow you to have a better chance at being successful online.

You'll find yourself in the house of a friend. The 3D graphics are engaging and fun, so you will feel like you're right there. After your friends have disappeared, you can find a safe hiding space. You can move around the house to look around and open closets, doors and other items. To complete the levels you must find your friends. Once you have completed each level successfully you will be given bonuses such as a GPS, an assisting animal, or binoculars. Take advantage of them and you'll be able to relax while enjoying one of the most exciting games ever made.


How To Play HideNSeek3D


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