Hexologic, a 3D fantasy adventure puzzle-game set in mythical dioramas is full of magic, riddles and perky creatures. Take a journey through the remote, fabled lands that are tangled with a rowdy feline and help bring peace to its people. Enjoy the world of Hexologic. Sudoku-like gameplay taken to a new level Sudoku is back! Solve difficult, but rewarding puzzles, enjoy relaxing music, and fall in love with Sudoku once again!

Enjoy the wonderful world of Hexologic. Hexologic is a simple logic puzzle game with no language restrictions. This game, which is based upon hexagonal grids takes sudoku to a new level. For both veterans and novices of puzzle games, the game will reward them by allowing them to combine the dots in the hexes along three possible directions. Their sum must match the one at the edge. The simple gameplay mechanics are adorned by beautiful graphics and relaxing music. There's plenty of puzzles to solve, which will keep gamers entertained for hours. There are over 90 levels that have been meticulously designed. 6 different game worlds with their own unique gameplay mechanics. Get into Hexologic to prove you're the master of the Hexes!



How To Play Hexologic


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