Hero Masters

Hero Masters asks you to use all your strength and power to make your community safer. You are the epitome for a hero. Your extraordinary character is the reason for your notoriety. You possess the combined power of world's most famous heroes. Use it to your advantage. Take a look at this superpower and see if it can be put to good use.

As you progress through this game, each of your enemies will be attacked one by one. You will have to use your special abilities to take out all of them at once. As you take on the bad guys, move around your city. Keep your cool even when under pressure. It is important that you keep fighting for a safer town. Make the most of your webs, arches, or other special types of weapons you acquire over the course the game. You can also enhance your special abilities (e.g., the strength of attacks) at any given time. Keep an eye on your opponents to ensure you are always on the go and that you don't get stopped!


How To Play Hero Masters


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