God simulator

God Simulator lets you experience the power and might of God! Ever wonder how the world's most stable organization survived such a long time? You now have the chance to create a new religion and help it develop. Are you ready to unite the entire globe in one religious system?

This strategy game is quite diverse and includes many religions. Here you will have the opportunity to look down at the globe map and try to force your religion on the countries of your choice. Your goal is to have your religion recognized in as many countries as possible. There are many belief systems that you can choose from, including monotheistic spiritualism, pantheon and totalitarian sects. You can start as a beginner or a preacher depending on which belief system you choose. This will impact your gameplay. Once you have chosen a belief system, you can name your religion. To spread your religion across the globe, colonize your followers and become strategically enlightened. Strategy is the key to success. Let me test you and see how you perform in this situation!


How To Play God simulator


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