Funny Battle Simulator 2

Funny Battle Simulator 2 is your chance to unleash your inner commander. You will now be the commander of a strong army. Do you think you have the skills to succeed as a commander in a large army?

You will have a large amount of soldiers under your control in this game. If you find yourself in a war sim, strong soldiers are the best thing. With this army you can attack your enemy and win this war. You have a budget to spend and a maximum number you can put on the ground. If you create a solid strategy, you'll be able defeat your adversaries. Before you launch an attack upon your adversary, make sure you plan where you will place your soldiers. Also consider how many troops you will need. There are three possible versions of an army at each level. You can create an army of cavemen or headless horsemen as well as miniguns. Archers, Spartans. Workers, frontmen, and many other characters. Make sure you consider all options when choosing your strategies. You want to win as many wars as possible.


How To Play Funny Battle Simulator 2


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