Cute Elements

You can control an element of nature, fire, wind or metal with these fun physics puzzles. Cute Elements is a logic puzzle that helps this water elemental creature free its friends from a prison cell. Are you able to rescue them?

Cute Elements has a simple, fun and engaging gameplay. Challenge yourself to save all elements, and you will get 3 perfect stars for each level. To beat the levels, you will need keys and locks. You will also unlock funny costumes and win elemental cards. You play as Water and Fire elements and you must collect keys in order to free your teammates from the prison.

To unlock the beautiful elemental creatures, unlock the secrets of the elements and unlock many fun costumes, you must have a key. Play fun, break the blocks, enjoy physics, replay levels with new characters, claim rewards, use each elemental and costumes to win the level. You have many options, many different characters, and unique powers. Each week, new levels are added.


How To Play Cute Elements


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