Crowd Lumberjack

In the 3D game Crowd Lumberjack, the player dons an axe and ventures into the woods in search of wealth. Add some more lumberjacks to your crowd squad to assist you in building amazing things. Follow the herd and see what happens to the trees. It's a big, wide world out here, and I'm only beginning to explore it. Create beautiful new cities and discover unexplored islands. Ready? Set! Chop and put together! Become the island's ruler and gather as many followers as you can. Joins the other lumberjacks on the island. Boost your army's strength to take on more enemies. Increase your soldiers' power. If there were a lot of woodcutters, you could build a city rapidly. Lumberjack has a one-finger control method similar to other 3D stickman games. The auto-chopping and building technique make it both simple to use and fast. The game starts out with you picking up a phone, chopping down trees, rallying your supporters, and building incredible structures.


Swipe across the screen or use WASD to move Cut trees and build!


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