Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun

One of the world's finest and most recognized soccer players is bringing his talents to the streets! Join him on his running exploits in Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun.

You'll like this entertaining sports game, whether you call it soccer or football. Join Ronaldo as he navigates a frantic metropolis on foot by running, jumping, and kicking his way past obstacles. He's attempting to find as many coins as he can while staying as mobile as possible.

He will have to keep bumping into obstacles like iron gates and moving vehicles. A gang of villainous defenders is also said to have pursued him. They'll do all in their power to stop Ronaldo!

Over the course of his incredible career, Ronaldo has battled some of the greatest sportsmen of all time, won several awards, and scored hundreds of goals. The Portuguese superstar, on the other hand, has never faced a task quite like this one. He'll need your aid on this incredible journey.


- Left and right arrows to change lanes

- Up arrow to jump

- Down arrow to slide

- Left mouse button to kick the ball


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