Crazy Intersection

Crazy Intersection lets you be the driver of the traffic. There are often too many cars and it can be difficult to get from one point to the next in a timely fashion. This is due in part to the difficulty of getting from one point A to another. This situation is so complicated that you will probably have something to say.

In this game, you'll be driving all the cars. You will see a steady stream of traffic along the main street. There are many cars on this road. Some cars travel at excessive speeds, which can cause gridlock in areas. All you have to do is intercede for the cars heading towards Main Street from the intersections. Click on the screen and allow the cars that are waiting to go into Main Street traffic. Stay alert for approaching cars to prevent a car accident. Complete a combination by collecting the star, jumping on the blue stars, and then collecting the star. Let's check out your effectiveness as a traffic controller!


How To Play Crazy Intersection


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