City Blocks

City Blocks allows you create an entirely new community from scratch. You are the primary architect in a major project that will see the construction a new city to serve the growing population. The more successful your project is, the more people will be able to live there. Are you ready now to start the most important project in your life?

This game is essentially an all-three-player match-and-merge game. It is essential to place three of the same types of structures next to each others. By putting three small buildings together, you will be in a position to construct a larger building. Just click on the area on the urban land where the building is to be built. Three new buildings are visible from the platform located next to the city-owned land. To ensure that the largest buildings are constructed, you should make informed decisions. As an architect, you will be able to handle the pressure and still preserve space. This will increase your chances of having new citizens in your city. It is not your place on city land. The game is over.




How To Play City Blocks


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